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Couple photography – Nikola & Miljana in Vienna

A couple photo session is more than a date – it’s a fun way for romantic partners to share beautiful memories forever.

couple photography

One of the amazing things about being a photographer is the ability to tell people’s story through images.
Although I am into photography for a few years now, couple photography is a new field for me and I am excited that during this season I have a few more sessions to come up.

My first intention when I knew that I will be photographing Nikola and Miljana was to create very natural and soft but also dynamic photos. Probably as I try to aim in every of my photo sessions. The idea was to create a space where the couple could “show” themselves as they are. A space where they could connect and share sweet moments.

We first met over Facebook and after initial communication over the internet I met them again one week before our scheduled photo shooting. This gave us the chance to get to know each other and to exchange our ideas for this couple photography session.

From the first moment that I met them together I just felt and saw how in love they are.

They are really so sweet together and from that point I was even more happy that I had the chance to portrait their romance.




The perfect Sunday morning for a couple photography session

One week after we met again and created a beautiful couple photography session. It was windy and a bit cold Sunday morning. The streets of Vienna where filled with hundreds of curious tourists so we decided to take a walk from the Museums Quartier to find our little corner and perfect spot for the photoshooting.

We found it and we where lucky. The light was just perfect. Even the wind played nicely together and brought dynamic into some of the pictures.

Couple photography_dsc1707bw_3

Nikola and Miljana

Trough my photography work I met some of the most exceptional people and Nikola and Miljana are some of them. Nikola is brilliant musician, working simultaneously on a few projects with many musicians from all around the world.

Miljana is an amazing poet, inspired with love – her mission is to open people’s hearts and eyes and reminds us that we all live in a same world

Both young and creative, childhood sweethearts back in the days and now, 15 years later they are together as a happy couple ❤


_dsc1803_3 _dsc1804_3_dsc1778_2

The love story of Nikola and Miljana

Miljana about how they first met:

“All of the kids played together at my aunt’s backyard. That’s where we spent our summer vacations when I was a child. I spotted two boys, passing by my aunt’s backyard, not paying any attention to us. One of them had red shirt and yellow shorts on, and I can’t remember the other one.

The boy in red shirt was as tan as an Arab boy and he sang this song called “My heart”. I stood on the fence, as I watched him. I fell in love, for the first time in my life and I didn’t even turn up 7 years at the time.

I can’t recall when I first met Nikola, but through all my childhood, he was my crush. We saw each other every summer, while I was visiting my aunt, and also when he came from Vienna to Bosnia. In my diary, I wrote all of our conversations and meetings.

Once he told me that he had never seen as beautiful eyes as mine.

Still, growing up separated us and both of us found a new, great love. We talked only for the holidays. Somehow we got out of our long-term relationships at the same time, and he, all of the sudden, sent me a message. No one is going to believe me when I say that exactly on that day, I thought of him after a very long time.

We set up a date and met in the city where I lived and studied at that time. I fell in love as soon as I saw him and as soon as he first kissed me. Since then, I am again in love with this little boy, because being his means being myself and free.”

_dsc2007_1 _dsc2012_1

They are truly beautiful and amazing together and I am very happy, that I had the chance to work with Nikola and Miljana at this couple photography session.

More information about Nikolas music and art you can find on his website:


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