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Magic Garden Photosession

Magic Garden Photosession - Photography Blog of Marija ZOI

For me as a photographer a photosession starts in the moment when the idea of one is born.

It is a unique process of getting to know my client. It starts with the vision I receive and develop with my senses and ends up in a unique atmosphere which I can create with my digital companion called Miss Nikon ☺

I know Lisa Koschat for 4 years now and I am happy that our creative universes met. To make this session happen we communicated clearly about our visions and ideas. On the shooting day I stood up really early on a cold November morning. The idea was to catch the morning fog huddling on hills but instead of this we cached golden sunrise.

When I arrived, Lisa was already outside with flowers in her hair and big smile on her face. One worm hug and few steps after we came in her Mediterranean styled garden filled with sun and different colorful flowers and I knew that this is the place where we will start our photo session.

It was really cold and I could see my every breath in a shape of a small fog, but light, inspiration and atmosphere of south flowers made us worm. As we moved through the garden a wonderful serenity overtook the place and a visual poem happened.

View the pictures of the Magic Garden Session here.

Photography is a powerful medium. It can reveal your emotions, your devotion, your creation in one single picture. A perfect communication tool ! And it is a lot of fun!


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Photosession for fashion designer Lila Creates

You can find Lisa´s unique creations, handmade in Austria, under the name “Lila Creates”

Magic Gardens & Creations: Lisa Koschat

“Fashion is beautiful if it allows a woman to carry her heart in the right place.”
by Rudolf Georg Binding

What I aim for, is to let it come from a place far beyond my effort to accomplish something incredible or the pursuit to be unique. Letting it flow is what fulfils me and the women that buy and wear my clothes. I started early to sew my own clothes, but through the course of my life I moved away from fashion. Four years ago I discovered again the joy of creating a piece of garment out of a sheet of fabric. Organically Felted Wool, also called “Loden”, carries all the good properties that makes wearing it enjoyable, it is the fabric of my choice. The garments I produce become an extension of the body, they protect, warm and beautify the woman that wears them. Strongly inspired by natures simplicity and resourcefulness, never-ending variety of garments spring out of my Sewing-Studio located on a remote farm on the countryside. I love to create and it is the motivational force that keeps me going.

“My clothes are born out of the pure joy of creating. Each piece carries a spark of my inspiration. May it protect, warm and fill the wearer with joy and love.”
Lisa Koschat

Come and check out her magical little Shop on Etsy:

See the creation of the Magic Garden Session here.


  1. Thanks marija for that wonderful session. It was so very nice to work with you and I love the photos that we took.
    wish you great success with your photography business!

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