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My photographic journey with dance artist Zola Dubnikova

Somewhere close to the end of last year I received an amazing  invitation to join the annual 6-week Temple Arts & Sacred Dance Training in India with dance artist,  Zola Dubnikova, as a photographer.

The offer came at the perfect moment because my interest in documentary photography was growing, as was my love for working with dancers, which I have been doing for some time now.

Zola Dubnikova is an international dance teacher and performer, trained extensively in contemporary dance forms and healing arts as well as Sufi tradition, Odissi Temple Dance Tradition, Mevlana whirling practices, Dances of the Silk Road, the gypsy trails and beyond.

I was thrilled to visit India – it was my first international booking and longest project. I was very excited because just a few months before I had come across one video about Zola and her work – I was hypnotized by her teachings, grace and beauty. I remember that in the same moment I thought to myself, ‘wow, this is a woman I would love to photograph.” – and somehow the dream came true!

A few weeks later, I packed my daughter, husband and second baby (my beloved Nikon camera, all of my lenses and, well, almost all of the equipment I own!). In the blink of an eye, (and with very heavy hand luggage), we found ourselves under the hot Indian sun!

…And yes – it was love at first sight!

zola-86  zola-2zola-87untitled-3_1


Soon after my arrival, the chaos of Indian streets was replaced by the peace and serenity of the Temple where the training took place. Hidden in the shade of a big tamarind tree and filled with a soft natural light was our sanctuary within the international bohemian hub of Arambol, Goa.

25 beautiful women from all around of the world gathered to share in the unique practices of the Holistic Dance Language, a unique method developed by Zola after years of traveling, seeing, being and studying herself with masters across the globe.

zola-20zola-13 zola-47 _dsc8806_7

In the next weeks we passed rigorous trainings, shared in many “life” practices, exchanged moments of deep meditation, re-defined what connection to the earth means from a physical perspective, and opened deeply the channels of our bodies & hearts…
We shared in passionate dance improvisations, talking circles, vocal practices, ritual choreography, and awareness exercises.
We learned a unique vocabulary of movement and a new way of being. We got to know each other in ways we don’t even necessarily know our closest friends.

_dsc2886_4_dsc5250_1_dsc5284_2 zola-58 zola-69_1_dsc5857_3_dsc5802_2

Moments of fire
Moments of peace
Moments of divine grace
Moments of sweetness
Moments of truth

_dsc6870_0 _dsc6856_1zola-71 zola-82 zola-81 _dsc7280_0_dsc7366_1_dsc6083_1Temple Arts & Sacred Dance Training in India 2016 - 2017 with Zola Dubnikova


I had chance to portrait dancing goddesses, authentic movements & Zola’s unique ritual creative process of teaching.
I captured the strength of softness.
Pure expression.


zola-28_dsc3060_1    zola-45untitled-2a_1_dsc3075_0 zola-43 zola-41 zola-40zola-37 zola-36zxolazola-48_dsc9443-2_2zola-27zola-39zola-7 _dsc9261_1zola-4zola-1
A dream for a photographer and the dance lover inside of me.

Thank you 🙂

More information about Zola Dubnikova, her work and workshops around the globe you can find on her website:




  1. I love looking at these. SO beautiful. I see love, and sisterhood and surrender. It’s my hope to get to India for this work with Zola in the next year or two.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Must have been a wonderful time in a magical environment…

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